Student or teacher, get a rich and deep chatbot expertise with Opla Ignit

Opla's educational program

Why choosing Opla Ignit ?

It is about to “be part of” an adventure, not just to be “one of”. OPLA’s solution are the results of a team of passionate people.

Deep tech
A powerful deep tech kernel  around NLP and Deep learning

Modern stack
React, NodeJS, Github, Docker, Agile, …

Agnostic from NLP and API’s

Packaged and priced specifically for schools.

A passionated Team and Community.

Being part of a fast growing startup with international vision.

We provide :

  • SPECIAL and FREE access to our “open Source” platform

  • FREE Fully functional “OPLA.AI” licenses

  • FREE Regular updates of your OPLA.AI licenses in your school, 

  • FREE Training sessions to Teachers, Educators and Professors, which are specifically built to allow them to: 
- Master OPLA’s solutions 
- Share our tools and teaching methodologies 
- Discuss the teaching plans and its proposed pace and adapt it

  • FREE Privileged relationship (personalized monitoring of teachers, assistance, support, etc...) 

  • FREE Access of teachers and instructors to our Community hub, to share and gather experience, tips and tricks, news, …

We develop also a Certification program, to support Teachers in their students Certification process.
We will also implement very shortly, for each year, a Hall of Fame. A selection of Teachers/Instructors and Students. They will be taken centre stage, and  their work and curriculum will be promoted through our network of customers, medias and community.

We value long-term and mutually beneficial relationships, and therefore look at establishing a worldwide selection of training centers and Schools.


  • You are a student within a specialized institute or university and want to have OPLA’s solution to be part of your curriculum ?
  • You are a teacher and want to apply OPLA’ solutions as a component of your AI teachning classes ?

Please contact our President Marie at [email protected].